十月 27

Why I Love Astronomy

    I am not major in astronomy, actually, my major has no business with astronomy. Therefore, astronomy is just my hobby and it continuously add passion and imagination to my daily life.

    It is unbelievable to a person who completely ignore the wonderful and grand starry heaven when he meets it by accident. In a cloudless and starry night, the shinning stars and blurry nebulae mounted in the faint Milky Way, depicting a magnificent and impressive picture which the one who have ever seen it will never forget. Actually I can’t describe it by words—each word is useless in front of the universe—what I can do is to appreciate and admire it. The feeling of the appreciation of it can only achieved by go outside and raise up your head. The starry heaven makes me think of the far distant world and lets me buried in its beauty.

    When I appreciate the starry heaven, what I see is not only the apparent beauty but also the long story behind it. I would think back to the previous period when the early scientists fearlessly explored the mysterious universe. I would imagine that what such astronomers like Kepler, Newton, Galileo and Tycho were thinking when they were staring at the formidable and fearful universe which they could not understand. The whole universe is a book, as Galileo had said. It was this book that inspired the early scientists to find and explore what they didn’t know and eventually created the theory to explain how the world worked and finally changed our world. The inspiration of exploring the unknown, I think, is a fascination of the universe.

    In 1990, the Voyager 1 took a picture of the Earth in 6 billion kilometers away from the it. In the picture, darkness occupied almost the whole space and there was a tiny and negligible dot in it: that is our home, the Earth. Every person who have seen this picture will be touched from the deep heart. Our Earth is just a dust in the universe, and we are so tiny and weak that may destroyed by some accident easily. As Carl Sagan wrote in his book:”Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.”We are tiny creatures, and no matter how advanced our technology is and how massive our knowledges are, we are nothing but a dust in the universe.

   So why do I love astronomy? The great philosopher Kant’s saying may deliver my reason:”Two things fill me with constantly increasing admiration and awe, the longer and more earnestly I reflect on them: the starry heavens without and the moral law within”.

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十月 26

Oh No

    I don't know what I want to write, but I know I want to write.

    I was busy during this whole week, since I had many lessons, and hardly had spare time. At the same time, there were many works which in robot team to be done, and the old member will check what we new members whether had all works done before Sunday. If not, maybe I would quit the robot team. In fact, it is Saturday 0 a.m. now, and I have just finished three fifth, so I can nearly sure I will not finish the job before deadline. Is that means I will quit the robot team? Yeah, maybe, but I don't think I will quit by force. But who knows.

    I have to admit that writing in English is very difficult and slow for me. My English is poor, I want to improve my English, so now I am writing in English in my blog. Oh I have digressed from main subject, so let's continue.

    Actually, I have gradually felt it boring in the robot team, and the degree is becoming deeper and deeper day by day. In my previous blogs I wrote that I longingly wanted to join the robot team and I was definitely sure I would learn many things in it. I did have learned many things in the robot team, for example, I have learned how to use various tool to make a thing which is painted in a paper, and I have learned how to control the robot by code. So to speak, I learned something which I could not learn from the book. However, I am gradually losing my interest in the robot team. There are many reasons, but I don’t exactly know the main reason, or, maybe it is various reasons that make me tired of it.

    First, I love free, and I hate restraint. I want to do what I want, rather than what I am assigned. During these three weeks, I would go to the robot team if I had spare times, or even in my class times. Sometimes I didn’t want to go to the robot team, because I want to do something I would like to do at that time. But I had to go to the robot team, because I have assignment to do and there was a deadline. Second, I am not doing what I am really interested in in the robot team. At present I just do some job which contains comprehending the code controlling the robot which was made by the last robot team, and programming my code to control the robot. I felt curious about that at the beginning, and I still feel it interest now, but I must say I don’t want to do that; what I really want to do at present is design circuits and learn more about electrical engineering.

    I nearly wanted to leave the robot team when I knew that my college had a program called “Information-Technology Talent Program” which is a program everyone can apply to participate in to learn how to do research and finally do a research by one’s own. It is what I want! So I quickly applied to participate in a team which is doing digital to analog conversion and SoC design. I hope I can join that team.

    What is the most important things in one’s life? I think it is happiness and unrestrained. I don’t want to give up easily and of course I hate give up. But considering it conscientiously, if abandon means throw away a bag which you don’t want to carry on the back and pick up a new one to continuing the journey, will you still hesitate and cease to advance? I think most person will choose the new bag.

    Whether or not, have a happy day and try your best to make yourself progress is the most essential thing. And if you steadily and surely live your every day, you will be astonished by what you have done when you look back.

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十月 19





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十月 19








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十月 6





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十月 5

Mysterious Cosmos


When I was a child, I liked to read an encyclopedic book named a hundred thousand why. The most interesting topic in this book I thought was about the cosmos. Every times I read them, I seemed to fly away from the Earth and went to the new and mysterious world in a far distance which is an unimaginable figure to today's astronomical technology. In a cloudless night, I would go to the building roof and raised my head to see that wonderful, grand, magnificent star field and beautiful, romantic, comely Milky Way. I would imagine that what that very far away world was like and whether or not there was life liked us. In the face of grand star field and many shiny stars I would felt that our lives and our Earth were so tiny and negligible and would be destroyed by a little accident easily. It just became a part of my life, liked eating and sleeping.

Soon, I was not content with just raise my head and use bare-eye — I wanted a telescope. I told my mother what I wanted and my mother refused it. That was in my expectation because an astronomical telescope was expensive not like a common toy. But I really wanted a telescope, I felt I was addicted to it. So I told my mother whether she could buy me a telescope if I had passed the exam which meant I would not take part in the high school entrance exam and could go to high school directly. My mother still said no because she thought that telescope would influence my study and made me backward. My mother still thought the telescope wasn't good for me, but I insisted. I told her why I wanted a telescope and told her that she should be happy because I just wanted a telescope not a game machine or smart-phone and the like which did influence my study. Eventually she gave up, and promised me if I had passed that exam she would buy me a telescope. Oh yeah, it seemed that there was a chance that I would own a telescope.

Months later, I passed that exam fortunately, thank god. Our family was happy about that because I was admitted by the best high school in our city in advance. So, my mother bought me a telescope on the Internet. Some days later, a large paper box which contained my hope and happiness was sent to my home. I was too impatient to wait to tear the paper box and found my beloved gift:though I had imagined what it was like many times, I was still astonished by its length and size — the tube was much longer than my arms, its diameter was just a little less than my palm, and its weight was much exceeded my expectation. There came another excitement when I assembled it:it was the largest gift I had ever got and it was a beautiful and imposing apparatus even just a little shorter than me!

After long and impatient wait, darkness came and stars began twinkling. I was impatient to carry my precious telescope to the building roof and assembled it quickly. Stars were glittering while my heart were beating and my hands were shaking. I was so excited that couldn't focus well. Eventually I saw those beautiful shiny stars through my telescope. Then galaxies and nebulae were all into my eyes clearly and I buried myself into the mysterious cosmos.

Nowadays when I am free and accidentally a cloudless night come, I will still go out and raise my head to see the grand and magnificent star field. I have took part in the astronomy organization in university and see, watch, observe the strange, mysterious, desirable cosmos through the telescope with my friends.

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